March 2004
Action Village India (AVI)
Facilitated a 5-day conference for Indian NGO partners and AVI on improved ways of working together.

May 2004
ChildHope UK
Project Evaluation of Child Sex Worker Project in Dhaka, Bangladesh

July – August 1999
Medicus Mundi, Bolivia
End of Project Evaluation

May – July 1997
Medicus Mundi, Bolivia
Trained the Staff in Practical Participatory Techniques. Facilitated a Participatory Mid Term Evaluation.

July-Sep 1995
Action Village India
Review of the Progress of a Peoples Welfare Bank in an Indian NGO’s projects

Jan 1994
ASSEFA, South India
Participatory Appraisal Training for grassroots Workers

Nov. 1993 – Jan. 1994
Mysore Resettlement and Development Agency (MYRADA)
Evaluation of MYRADA/PLAN’s training programme in India

Aug. 1993 – Oct. 1993
Action Village India (AVI)
Review of a Peoples Welfare Bank in India.

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