Mariann completed her PhD in Social Policy at the University of Oxford in 2016. She has 8 years of research experience (professional as well as academic). Examples of research projects she has been involved in include a project on the socio-spatial segregation of Roma people in Budapest, Hungary; a piece of research examining recipients’ experiences of welfare provision in Hungary; and a project surveying the needs of poor Roma women living in areas being gentrified. These research projects were primarily based on individual interviews. She is committed to community development as a means of enhancing social justice and equality in a sustainable manner. Therefore, she is dedicated to facilitate participatory processes in which people directly affected by a decision have the opportunity to take part in making that decision.


Mariann has been working in the third sector for 12 years. During this time she has worked with a variety of vulnerable populations: low-income people, Roma people, disabled people, homeless people, among others. Organisations she has been closely working with involve NANE Women’s Rights Association that provides services for victims of domestic violence; The City Is for All, a community organisation of people living in housing poverty, and the School of Public Life, an organisation that offers trainings in advocacy and community work for disadvantaged people. In this role she has gained experience in assessing the needs of communities, mapping the services available for them, and developing inclusion projects for marginalised people.