“Paul was instrumental in bringing together local community organisations in Grahame Park to create a Theory of Change (ToC) model promoting collaboration and working towards shared outcomes on the estate and in the wider Colindale area. Following workshops to develop a suitable model, Paul facilitated a number of phases to implement this approach and launch it to a wider audience. The work on a ToC approach has led to less duplication in service provision, more partnership working on projects and more effective communication and transparency between local providers. The work will continue as ‘Neighbourhood Change’, has become embedded in the community and aligns the work of our Housing Association with the work on the ground by voluntary organisations and charities. Not only is a ToC neighbourhood approach extremely unique but it is a significant piece of work in the area during a time of major long-term regeneration.”


You can read more about Grahame Park by looking at the Grahame Park Evaluation Report summary here.