We have extensive experience on delivering evaluations including Theory of Change. A big example of this is when we worked with WSA Community Consultants to develop and pilot a Theory of Change for the Grahame Park regeneration.


We were commissioned alongside WSA Community Consultants to develop and implement a Theory of Change framework for Grahame Park. This was in order to evaluate complex social change programmes. The Theory of Change was developed through through one-to-one scoping interviews and a series of interactive workshops, co-produced with 20 local organisations and partners from all sectors, including resident-run community groups.


After the Theory of Change was developed, we then worked to evaluate the impact of what was happening in Grahame Park using the Theory of Change framework. A mix of qualitative and quantitative data from primary and secondary sources was used to do this including one-to-one conversations, resident survey carried out through doorknocking, street interviews and online, an online survey of stakeholders, case studies, observations and focus groups. This has produced useful findings about the changes that have happened at Grahame Park and opportunities and challenges for the future.

You can read the full report below or you can access the report here.