Paul Bragman Community & Economic Regeneration Consultants Ltd – An independent consultancy delivering
community and economic development focused services

In a continuously challenging economic and policy environment, Paul Bragman Community & Economic Regeneration Consultants Ltd. offers a range of organisational management, economic and community development services to assist organsations sustain their activity.

door-knocking-southern-housing-foundationEstablished in 2002, Paul has worked with over 80 housing associations, local authorities, community and voluntary organisations, and non governmental organisations in the UK, Asia, South America and Africa. He provides community and economic development services as an effective way to tackle inequality, achieve social justice and deliver tangible change to local communities.

Paul works with a wide network of consultants – ensuring that each project team is designed specifically to respond to the needs of the brief.

Paul is an NCVO Approved Consultant, a member of the Empowered Communities in the 2020’s National Steering Group, A Design Council CABE Built Environment Expert and a Big Local Rep for Local Trust in three neighbourhoods. He is an Associate Consultant with Campbell Tickell