We deliver community and economic development

In a continuously challenging economic and policy environment, Paul Bragman Community & Economic Regeneration Consultants Ltd. offers a range of organisational management, economic and community development services to assist organisations to sustain their activity.

Established in 2002, we have worked with over 80 housing associations, local authorities, community and voluntary organisations, and non-governmental organisations in the UKAsia, South America and Africa. Our Consultancy provides community and economic development services as an effective way to tackle inequality, achieve social justice and deliver tangible change to local communities.

We work with a wide network of consultants – ensuring that each project team is designed specifically to respond to the needs of the brief.

Paul is an NCVO Approved Consultant, a member of the Empowered Communities in the 2020’s National Steering Group, a Design Council Built Environment Expert, and a Big Local Rep for Local Trust in three neighbourhoods. He is also an Associate Consultant with Campbell Tickell. Paul is also Chair of the board of trustees of BANG, a Brent based charity that supports young people and families to build confidence, self-esteem and skills through a range of activities/programmes.


Community Collective

Community and Economic Regen is proud to support and advocate for highlighting and sharing good practice, and as such has joined a collective partnership with others to extend the conversation and knowledge base. We believe that working together gives strength and increased knowledge and practice.

Paul is one of four directors who have set up Community Collective to build collaborative work and agendas. The other directors are Kim Donahue, Sian Penner and Wendy Sugarman.

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Annual Report 2019 –  you can read about the projects we worked on in 2019 here.


Community & Economic Development

Planning, Leading & Managing Projects

Community and Economic Development Strategies

Social Enterprise Development & Support

Employment & Training Strategies

Funding Bids

Financial Inclusion

Developing links and partnerships with the private/corporate sector

Desktop Reviews

Stakeholder Consultation

Project Reviews

Partnership Evaluation

Impact Assessment

Addressing Youth Exploitation and Violence

Supporting communities identify practical ways they can address youth violence

Facilitating meetings between communities and authorities

Facilitating workshops and events around youth violence

Developing a community voice of key local people of influence to engage in discussions around youth violence

Strengthening engagement with communities affected by youth violence


Find out more about our projects on serious youth violence here.

Community Engagement

Designing and Delivering Research Projects

Community Needs Analysis

Community Profile & Mapping

Focus Groups for staff and the local community

Stakeholder Surveys

Gap Analysis

Partnership Development

Facilitation & Consortium Development


Team Building

Organisational Reviews

Servicing and supporting consortiums

Assisting organisations deliver joint services

Assisting organisations pool resources

Capacity Building & Organisational Development

Planning & Facilitating Workshops

Conflict Management, Resolution & Mediation

Action Planning


Managing Successful Projects

Business Planning

Organisational & Project Reviews

Interim Management


Community Centres & Hubs

Mapping of existing facilities and community groups

Stakeholder Consultation

Building evidence of need (including local demographic information) to accompany and inform physical design

Feasibility studies

Business planning and funding applications

Capacity building and support


Training and capacity building

We offer training and support to communities on a range of areas from training residents as community researchers to supporting groups on areas such as roles and responsibilities and communication.

CB1 Community

We work with stakeholders on the CB1 Estate in Cambridge both in the initial facilitation of workshops for stakeholders and now in continuing community engagement work on the mixed use estate

Community Hubs

We have worked with various partners on community centres and community hubs whether it is developing new hubs or working with existing hubs to support organisational development.




If you would like more detailed information about what we do or if you would like to discuss how we might work together please feel free to contact Paul: