Listen, Involve and Engage…

Solutions for organisations and communities that deliver successful projects and tangible change, demand a truly effective approach.

focus-group-9_1024x685Our approach is to listen, engage and involve organisations and stakeholders in the process. We use many creative techniques to achieve this.

We have worked successfully both in the UK and abroad in developing the capacity of organisations and projects through practical support, advice and training to ensure they deliver more efficient services that are sustainable and can evidence impact.

Our Values

Community and Economic Regen seeks to work with people, organisations and communities in a collaborative way. We strive to be inclusive in all our work by engaging, listening and making sure that our clients and communities are at the heart of our work. We believe this is vital in tackling inequality and achieving social justice.


We sign up to the key values outlined by the Community Development National Occupational Standards. These are:

  • Social justice and equality
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Community empowerment
  • Collective action
  • Working and learning together

In addition, the following underpins our work:


  • Expertise lies within communities

    • Listen, share skills, build skills, and work with those with lived experience.
    • Promote an evidence-based approach that is underpinned by theory and best practice.


  • Empowering communities

    • Support and empower to develop confidence, skills and relationships to effect positive change.
    • Encourage communities we work with to prosper, develop and strengthen.


  • Collaboration

    • Pool skills, expertise and perspectives to produce positive social impact.
    • Work with other consultancies and partners.


  • Transparency

    • Being open about the way we work and the decisions we take.
    • Communicate internally and externally with unwavering honesty and respect.


  • Approachability

    • Build relationships and support personal, community and organisational development.
    • Be Authentic and Real.


  • Thinking creatively

    • Think outside the box to:
      • Engage communities and listen to lived experience.
      • Provide groups with tools that will support their development.

About Paul Bragman

Paul Bragman has 30 years of experience of working as a community and economic regeneration practitioner across the community, voluntary and statutory sectors in the UK, and in developing countries.
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Paul is supported by Community Engagement and Project Coordinator, Sam Kenward. You can read more about Sam here.